Imago relationship therapy with Len Leeb, MS, LMHC helps you get the love you want in Tampa Bay

 What Workshop
Participants Say

"I was Convinced that our relationship was beyond repair before the workshop. Now I feel an even deeper connection with my partner."

"It Opened the door to my partner's soul. "

"It's Interesting to see how the past follows you in life."

"Imago Workshop is essential for a Healthy Relationship."

"Len's dynamic energy make the weekend a reawakening for the soul!"

"A definite must for any couple who wants to achieve a conscious marriage."


What you Will Learn in an Imago Couples Workshop

  • What is Imago?
  • What happened to your love and passion & How you can get it back.
  • How you wound each other & How you can stop.
  • How you can communicate safely using "the intentional dialogue"
  • How to REALLY listen, hear, and understand your partner
  • How to restore your connection with each other.
  • Attending a workshop has been equated to three months of weekly, private Imago Sessions.

What to Expect During the Imago Couples Workshop

  • Lectures on Imago theories.
  • Filmclips that support lecture material.
  • Guided Imageries & Demonstrations.
  • Coaching while couples practice individually.
  • Relearn how to Infuse fun back into your coupleship.






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