Imago relationship therapy with Len Leeb, MS, LMHC helps you get the love you want in Tampa Bay Len Leeb, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Florida) and a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She was one of the first two therapists in the Tampa Bay area to be certified as an Imago therapist.

In 1992, after reading "Getting the Love You Want" by Dr. Harville Hendrix, she took the Imago Relationship Training with master trainer Hedy Schleifer. "I was fascinated by the Imago theory and tools and realized it had immense potential benefit, both personally and professionally." Following her training with Hedy Schleifer, Len continued her training with Maya Kollman.She later went on to acquire more training, becoming a Certified Workshop Presenter for couples and singles, and an Advanced Clinician in Imago Therapy.



Len's Philosophy

"I care deeply about helping people grow, heal and restore connections in their lives and believe a conscious,
committed relationship can be the perfect setting to create that experience." Those relationships include
husband-wife, partner-partner, parent-child, even sibling-sibling! I am committed to helping families create safe
environments for their children so that each generation can end destructive cycles and get progressively more whole.

"In our natural quest to feel connected, we sometimes mistake enmeshment or symbiosis for real union or true love.
A conscious love relationship allows for all parties to be aware of their profound connection while maintaining personal responsibility and opportunity. In its most sacred moments, this relationship allows each person to connect in a spiritual as well as emotional and physical way.

"Being in a conscious, loving, intimate relationship can be the hardest job you’ll ever have. I’m delighted to have found Imago therapy to be such a powerful, productive resource for my clients and for myself. It offers wonderful tools and processes for getting (and giving) the love you want."

"I have found Imago Relationship Therapy to provide a life-changing way of being in relationships for my clients. It can help you transform your relationship from one that may be mostly full of frustration, hurt and disconnection, to relationships that are primarily filled with healing, growth, intimacy and connection. This all can happen if you have the willingness and the courage to do the work of learning to love and be loved. I am dedicated to this process and honored to be a guide with you on this sacred journey."






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