Imago relationship therapy with Len Leeb, MS, LMHC helps you get the love you want in Tampa Bay

What Other Professionals
Say About Len

“Len is a dynamo! A woman of substance, a generous spirit, a delightful presence. She is serious about the work of healing & playful in the therapeutic process. She walks the walk: she talks with thorough integrity. Len is a joy!" -- Hedy Schleifer
 Imago trainer & International Workshop Presenter

“I have both personally and professionally experienced the use of Imago therapy in the hands of a skilled and compassionate clinician. Len Leeb has integrated this practical approach beautifully in her work with couples who endeavor to better their relationship.”
-- Sheryle R. Baker, MA, LMHC, Executive Director,
The Life Center, Tampa, FL


 Imago Process was Life Changing

When I walked into Len's office, my marriage was all over but the shouting.
Whether or not it could be repaired was of no interest to me. Len met my reticence
and cynicism with a caring respect. When I reluctantly agreed to hear how Imago
Therapy worked, I was relieved to hear that it wasn't going to be another in a long line
of 'he said, she said' couch sitting sessions. This was a new technology far different than anything in my experience.

From the first time my husband and I engaged in the process it was life changing. It had been a long time since all the crap was scraped away and the two of us were laid bare like that to each other. Throughout the gut wrenching series of sessions, Len was ever supportive, and never without her quick intelligence and warm humor. As much as I hated to admit it, Imago was working and we suddenly found ourselves fighting to reshape it to fit who we were and wanted to be.

That was six years ago and now when bumps surface, we have a technology in place to keep them from turning into mountains. We laugh a lot more and our communication is cleaner and more effective than I ever dreamed it could be. Next year we will be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary. And as I've said to Len many times, she is the biggest little person I've ever met.
-- Nancy B.





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